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Episode 152: Naked on the Freeway [Terminator: Genisys; Magic Mike XXL; Comet]


Episode 152: Naked on the Freeway
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It’s Episode 152 of In the Mood for Podcast, a British-based film podcast hosted by Calum Reed of Ultimate Addict and Pete Sheppard of In the Mood for Blog.

This week we turn our attention to two high-profile sequels, as the James Cameron-endorsed “Terminator: Genisys” lit up cinema screens this past week, while Cal was alone for “Magic Mike XXL,” the follow-up to the 2012 stripper hit we famously (if rather predictably) disagreed on. Parallel dimensions are brought out in the Justin Long-Emmy Rossum romance “Comet,” which confused Cal and made a rather negative impression on Pete’s screening partner, plus there’s news from the on-going East End Film Festival. Elsewhere, Dustin Hoffman’s been a bit outspoken, we take some time out to celebrate a milestone for Lena Endre, and Jai Courtney’s abs are under the microscope. 

The week’s news:

  • The death of Diana Douglas                                            
  • “Everest” to open the Venice Film Festival                           
  • Dustin Hoffman attacks Hollywood                
  • Lena Endre turns sixty               
  • East End Film Festival round-up: “Containment”; “MLE”; “Norfolk”           
[3:50 – 22:53]

Preconception Corner

Reviews of:
  • Comet                                               30:30 – 45:41
  • Magic Mike XXL                            45:42 – 54:03
  • Terminator: Genisys                   54:04 – 1:05:50

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Outro Music: Duffy, “Mercy”
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