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Episode 147:The Birdseye Debacle [Tomorrowland; Poltergeist; Return to Sender]

Episode 147: The Birdseye Debacle
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It’s Episode 147 of In the Mood for Podcast, a British-based film podcast hosted by Calum Reed of Ultimate Addict and Pete Sheppard of In the Mood for Blog.

This much-delayed episode sees us discuss last week’s big releases at the cinema, including Brad Bird’s adventure tale “Tomorrowland,” and horror remake “Poltergeist.” We also had time to chat about Rosamund Pike’s latest twisted thriller, “Return to Sender,” and Cal reveals all about Samuel L. Jackson’s “Big Game,” which had a rather ludicrous plot setup to live up to. Simon Pegg’s recent outspoken antics may have upset comic-book geeks far and wide, but his thoughts on modern blockbusters instigate a lengthy chat about the future of the industry, while the prizes from the Cannes Film Festival dredge up longstanding observations about the festival’s politics. We may only be in June, but tune in to find out which leading performance Cal has already declared the worst of the year, which fishy figurehead Nick Nolte reminded Pete of, and which lesser-known actress emerged as the star of her film.

The week’s news: Discussing some interesting birthdays in the world of film, Simon Pegg’s assault on modern studio filmmaking, and the prizes from the Cannes Film Festival!

[3:10 – 22:00]

Preconception Corner

Reviews of:

  • Poltergeist                                                   29:28 – 38:21
  • Return to Sender                                       38:22 – 50:07
  • Big Game                                                      50:08 – 56:39
  • Tomorrowland                                           56:40 – 1:08:12

Shag, Marry or Kill?
The Pootsition
The Garrett Gauge

Outro Music: Eurovision Mini-Mix (Slovenia, “Here for You”; Latvia, “Love Injected”; Greece, “One Last Breath”)

Episode 97: Continental Drift [Tracks; A Thousand Times Good Night; Blue Ruin]

Episode 97: Continental Drift

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It’s Episode 97 of In the Mood for Podcast, a British-based film podcast hosted by Calum Reed of Ultimate Addict and Pete Sheppard of In the Mood for Blog.
Dubbed “Mr. D+” by Pete, Cal hopes for a better run of films this week, as our slate of continent-spanning sober dramas force us to tone things down a little. We review Erik Poppe’s “A Thousand Times Good Night,” starring the ever-exemplary Juliette Binoche, but is the moral-heavy family crisis at the film’s centre worthy of her abilities? It’s been eight months since Pete saw and liked John Curran’s “Tracks” at Venice, but does Cal feel the same way about the Aussie desert quest’s quality? Elsewhere, Pete caught up with Paddy Considine-led British thriller “Honour,” while Cal opted for American indie revenge pic “Blue Ruin,” plus a listener question leads to a slew of digressions about the Cannes Film Festival’s history of politics and prize-giving. Tune in to hear our thoughts on the biggest Oscar snub of the 1980s, which Terrence Malick film receives a radical re-evaluation from Pete, and why a foolish display of canine companionship gets Cal all self-righteous.

The Week’s News:

    • The death of Bob Hoskins
    • A sequel to “Spring Breakers” is announced
    • Cal’s been reading a Cannes-related book

Listener Question: “What are your thoughts on “Clean,” and specifically Maggie Cheung?” [Ibbi]
[7:55 – 13:10]

Opening Segment:
 The return of the Red Light District, featuring discussion of “Chaotic Ana,” “Into the Night,” “Safety Not Guaranteed,” “The Search for Bridey Murphy,” “To the Wonder,” and “Youth Without Youth”
[13:15 – 26:45]

Preconception Corner

Reviews of:
  • A Thousand Times Good Night
  • Blue Ruin
  • Honour
  • Tracks

[29:55 – 1:02:25]

Shag, Marry or Kill?
The Watson Factor
The Poupaud Range

Outro Music: Faye Wong, “Dream Person”
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