August Schedule

Here’s an idea of what you can expect from us in August! We won’t get all of these covered, but we’ll at least aim to see all of the major releases:

Please note: These are the dates we hope to review the films. We publish the podcast the following Tuesday or Wednesday, in most cases.

Friday 7th August:

      • Beyond the Reach / Jean-Baptiste Leonetti
      • The Gift / Joel Edgerton
      • Marshland / Alberto Rodriguez Librero

Friday 14th August:

      • The Man From U.N.C.L.E / Guy Ritchie
      • Mia Madre / Nanni Moretti
      • Mistress America / Noah Baumbach
      • Trainwreck / Judd Apatow

Friday 21st August:

      • Gemma Bovery / Anne Fontaine
      • Paper Towns / Jake Schreier
      • Pressure / Ron Scalpello
      • The Treatment / Hans Herbots

Friday 28th August:

      • 45 Years / Andrew Haigh
      • Barely Lethal / Kyle Newman
      • Straight Outta Compton / F. Gary Gray
      • We Are Your Friends / Max Joseph

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