Episode 23: Cosmetic Clauses [Rust & Bone; Silent Hill 2; War Witch]

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It’s Episode 23 of In the Mood for Podcast, a British-based film podcast hosted by Calum Reed of Ultimate Addict and Pete Sheppard of In the Mood for Blog. Looks are a hangup this week, as Marion Cotillard deglams majorly for Jacques Audiard’s “Rust and Bone,” and the delayed “Silent Hill” sequel sheds production design for computer wizardry. There’s domestic drama in NYC-set “Keep the Lights On” and Greek film “Dinner With My Sisters,” while the bloody horror in “Excision” has us grimacing and guffawing. Pete gives the rundown on some titles from the ongoing Leeds Film Festival, including Canada’s Oscar submission “War Witch,” and we introduce a new feature to celebrate the form of male actors. Lana Wachowski isn’t the only advocate for gender equality…

Discussed on the podcast: 

Opening Segment: Discussing the week’s news (The resurrection of Star Wars, the European Film Award nominations, and the British Independent Film Award nominations) and reviews from the Leeds Film Festival of “War Witch,” “In The House,” “John Dies At The End,” and “Robot & Frank.” [1:50 – 20:00]

*Preconception Corner*

Reviews of: 

  • “Excision”
  • “Silent Hill: Revelation”
  • “Keep the Lights On”
  • “Dinner With My Sisters”

[25:10 – 51:00]

Closing Segment: Discussing “Rust & Bone,” and responding to listener questions 
[51:15 – 1:09:15]

*Shag, Marry or Kill?*
*The Watson Factor*
*The Poupaud Range*

Intro Music: Fleetwood Mac, “The Chain”
Outro Music: M.I.A, “It Takes a Muscle”

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