Episode 11: Courage Of Conviction [Brave; 360; Truth or Dare]

EPISODE 11: Courage Of Conviction

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This week we’re bidding a fond farewell to the London Olympics, with a brief summary of the highlights, and some observations on the closing ceremony. Fernando Meirelles’ latest, “360” has been hanging around festivals for a while, but is its recent release worth waiting for? And is Pixar’s “Brave” another fine moment for the studio, or does its magic fail to knock us off our feet?

Discussed on the podcast: 

Opening Segment: Discussing the week’s big film news, and our thoughts on the closing ceremony of the London Olympics. [2:10-19:50]

Reviews of: 

  • “360”
  • “Truth or Dare”
  • “Jackpot”
  • “Let The Bullets Fly”


Closing Segment: Discussing the new Pixar film, “Brave,” and our top 3 films from the animation studio kingpin.


Intro Music: “The Bare Necessities”
Outro Music: The Who, “Baba O’Riley”

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