Episode 7: Injecting the Payload [Magic Mike; Seeking a Friend; Ice Age]

EPISODE 7: Injecting the Payload
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In the Mood for Podcast, a weekly podcast by Calum Reed of Ultimate Addict and Peter Sheppard of In the Mood for Blog, brings some bleak discussion in week 7. We talk about the threat of death, as well as mourning some recent legends who have passed away. Get ready for alcohol, regrets, and innuendo, as the knives come out for this week’s releases: we give the rundown on “Magic Mike,” the verdict on the latest addition to the “Ice Age” franchise, and ponder other intriguing assortments.

Discussed on the podcast: 

Opening Segment: Our reaction to “Magic Mike,” its acclaim, and Steven Soderbergh’s ever-expanding oeuvre. [3:40-22:40]

Reviews of this week’s theatrical releases, here and across the pond: 

  • “Ice Age: Continental Drift”
  • “The Prey”
  • “Detachment”


Closing Segment: A review of “Seeking a Friend for the End of the World” and our top 3 films about the threat of human extinction. [48:00-1:14:30]

PLUS: A commemoration of this week’s high-profile Hollywood losses: Richard D. Zanuck and Celeste Holm [1:14:35-1:17:55]

Intro Music: Ben Folds, “Sleazy”
Outro Music: Dawn Richard, “Save Me From U” (Remix)

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