Episode 6: We All Want Glory [The Hunter; Best Exotic Marigold; God Bless America]

It’s Episode 6 of In the Mood for Podcast, a weekly podcast by Calum Reed of Ultimate Addict and Peter Sheppard of In the Mood for Blog. This week the releases are scant, and the cause for celebration even scanter, with recent news from Wimbledon and Hollywood proving sorrowful. Will podcast cameos from Willem Dafoe, Marion Cotillard, and Madonna (among others) drag us from the doldrums? With the Olympics around the corner we get competitive, discussing a well-known classic and counting down our top three sports films.

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Discussed on the podcast:

Opening Segment: Discussing recent changes made by BAFTA and Oscar to their voting systems.

Reviews of this week’s theatrical releases, here and across the pond:

  • “The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel”
  • “The Hunter”
  • “The Fairy”
  • “Le Havre”
  • “God Bless America” 

Closing Segment: Discussing 1981’s Best Picture winner, “Chariots of Fire,” and our Top 3 sports films.

Intro Music: Madonna, “Masterpiece”
Outro Music: Dolly Parton, “Here You Go Again”

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